The Society

A good society has a respectful and peace orders. It has a good example for the community to have an efficient living. But maybe we are not deserved to be entitled to have the most efficient society exist and not that good enough, though we have the privileged to make it happen. And maybe not all of us have a perfect relationship with every person we are communicate with in everyday of our life. Because most of us have barriers in life which discouraged us not to follow with the line who can lead us to fulfill our dreams and bring us to word of success. But everyone of us have many chances to have a dignified life.

 Who we are, what we had and what we become reflects our society. And most of all what happens in our society describes what kind of leader or ruler we have. But now with the situation of it, I think politics best define as a dirty business for people who doesn’t deserve to be involved with it. It proves nowadays that the economy of our country seems to be disarray.

 I know, there are a lot of solutions with this. But the best one thing we have to do is to have a peaceful relationship with others, and the best cure for us to have a better economy is the oneness of our society.



  1. hazelruthferrer · March 25, 2015

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  2. minalongalong · April 8, 2015

    Good ka nga ba?haha

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